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Tuesday Tech Tips Blog

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Air Conditioning Performance and Humidity

When the humidity outside is high, air conditioning can be affected. You may notice on a low humidity day, that you can get your car or truck to cool fast whereas on a high humidity day, it may take longer. This is a normal condition. If you find that the air conditioning is taking a long time in all weather it may be time for repair. We are able to service air conditioning in most vehicles both GM and non-GM. Give us a call for an appointment so you can be comfortable while driving.

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Brakes

With all of our vehicle's warning lights, we tend to rely warning lights/messages and the sound of scraping metal to be our most common early brake trouble warnings. The problem is that both of these types of warning methods are when your brake system is in trouble and it is actually time for critical brake work. The safest way to keep up with your brakes is periodic inspections of your brake pads/shoes and other braking components. This inspection is performed regularly at our facility. The next time you have your vehicle serviced, consider having your brakes inspected to keep you and your family stopping safely.

Tuesday Tech Tip - Tires

Many people are unaware of simple ways to prolong tire life. Here are some easy ways to do so: 1. Check tire pressures, the best way to help tires last is to have tire at recommended pressures, these can typically be found on a label on the driver's door or the driver's door frame. 2. Perform regular rotations, most manufacturer's recommend regular tire rotations at intervals ranging between 6000 and 10000 miles. 3. Alignment and Balancing, if you hear a noise such as a hum or if you have a vibration at specific speeds, tank a look at your tires first, if they do not look smooth, it may be a time for and alignment, ignoring these noises can be very costly. Let us know if you experience any of these concerns, we perform all of these services, we can set an appointment for you and take care of your concerns.

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Oil

Are you using the correct oil in your engine? Many different car companies use different oils in their engines. it is important to use the correct to oil to ensure that your engine is running as designed. As the years go by, car manufacturers are changing oils from conventional to synthetic blends or full synthetic to reduced oil breakdown which can cause wear or even burning oil. In these financial times, a lot of people have resorted to changing their own oil, but if the wrong oil is used premature failures can occur which can cause a major repair expense. Refer to your owner's manual to be sure the correct oil for your engine is used.

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Tires and Temperature Changes- Under Pressure

It is always a good idea to regularly check your tire pressure. Changes in temperatures can cause your pressure to change. In addition, tires that have been in storage can lose pressure just sitting for a few months. Proper inflation pressure can be located on the inside of the drivers-side door or in the owners manual. When you check your pressure, take a look at the tread on each tire, all tires have wear indicators between the treads that let you know when they need to be replaced. Proper inflation is also a big factor in yuor vehicle's MPG.

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Air Conditioning

As the temperature rises you tend to rely on you A/C. If you turn it on and no cold air is coming out, a lot of technical issues can cause this. Problems with the compressor, condenser, or evaporator, for instance, can lead to your fan blowing nothing but hot air. If you turn it on and hear a clicking under the hood more than 2 times in a minute, it may be an indication the you have a low charge of refrigerant in the system. If your A/C is not working, give us a call we will get it going for you.

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Engine Coolant

During the summer your engine coolant is a crucial fluid year round. When checking coolant level be sure to check when engine is cold to avoid getting hurt by hot fluid. Also on most vehicles, coolant level in plastic reservoir can be checked without removing cap. I fluid appears to be dark or rusty looking, it may be a time for a cooling system flush. When can perform this service on most vehicles for you. Give us a call for pricing.

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are an extremely important safety component in your vehicle. Worn wiper blades are dangerous 90% of your driving decisions are based on a clear, unobstructed view of the road, it's a critical safety concern that your car's wipers provide you with the cleanest windshield possible. if you find your wipers are leaving streaks or lines on your windshield, or you can hear a chattering while the blades move across the glass it is most likely time for a change. also, if you see debris like pine needles or leaves on your blades it is a good idea to clean the blades off by hand before using the wipers. If you find that your blades are doing any of the things described here, come visit us in most cases, we can change your blades while you wait with no appointment. We look forward to seeing you, to help you see.

Tuesday's Tech Tip - Air Conditioning

The warm air is right around the corner, is your air conditioning working? An air conditioner in a car, unlike one in the home, must operate while the car is idling or in motion. Vibrations along with dirt and other contaminants from the road, can cause problems with the air conditioner's operation. If you turn your air conditioning on, you may notice a change in the sound of your engine and the way it idles. If cold air is not coming out of your vents within a few minutes your system may need to be charged. Give us a call for an Air Conditioning Service to get your system ready for summer.